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Your Private Farmer

Many of you have heard of CSA or have been to farmers market but maybe they don’t work for your family. I’m here to combine the two for you as your private farmer. Get the farm-fresh vegetables you want regularly without contracts, large advanced payments or a run-of-the-mill pre packed box. As the growing season progresses we work together to make sure you’re getting what you want and the right quantity.


Custom: Get what you want in the right amount

Whether you are a vegetable fanatic and love them all or have have picky eaters that only like a few things, my goal is to bring you exactly what you want, fresh off the farm. Before the season we go over your needs and wants so that I not only bring you the things you like, but the right amount. Knowing your needs ahead of time allows me to curate the ideal delivery for you. When the harvest begins we coordinate via text about what and when to expect your delivery. Communicating this way lets you skip the order forms and connect with your farmer in real time.

Farmers Market Prices

The market comes to you on delivery day. Unlike a CSA box, this custom order is packed for what you want per delivery. The overall price of reflects your personal order and will likely vary from week to week as new things come into harvest. Not only are you getting produce fresh off the farm, but you’re paying the low farmers market pricing.

Accepted methods of payment are electronically through Venmo or PayPal apps. A payment request will be sent upon delivery. Cash and check are also accepted.



Delivered To Your Doorstep

Farm clients receive free delivery to their doorstep. Your curated basket is packed to stay fresh until you can bring it indoors. Typically delivery frequency is weekly, but there will likely be times throughout the season it is a bit more or less, depending on your needs. Whether you need a bumper crop for the summertime family reunion or an order pause while on vacation, I’ve got you covered.


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