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Pollinator Habitat Necklace

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Support your pollinators with this necklace

Pollinators are more than just a honeybee; they are moths, butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles and more. They forage from blossom to blossom collecting nectar and pollen, leaving pollen particles from previous flowers behind, mixing with the new. This is pollination. Although these flying creatures are responsible for the cross pollination, it isn’t their goal, only a result of it. This is a wonderful example of symbiosis that takes place everyday in nature. It is critical to creating and maintaining ecosystems, as well as our food systems.

As you’ve heard in the news, our pollinators are in danger. The main causes of this are due to pesticide and herbicide use in addition to habitat loss. Widespread use of chemicals are now a daily threat to pollinators and many other living organisms. Big farms are using them to combat weeds or pests on a thousands of acres and home gardeners are using them to keep their yards looking perfectly manicured. It’s hard to get away from them. Although the people using these chemicals are trying to be selective, the chemicals themselves are not and anything that touches them is affected. Many of the places pollinators live, feed and reproduce in are also declining. Much of the rural areas are being developed and the wild spaces are disappearing. With a shrinking habitat, we can only expect for their populations do decline as well.

In order for our pollinators to be strong, we need to create more spaces for them and I’m doing just this but need your help. Being a new landowner, my dream of creating a large space for pollinator habitat can become a reality. I am dedicating 1 acre of land to be cultivated for these winged creatures. By purchasing the pollinator habitat necklace you are contributing to the creation of a safe place for pollinators to live.

Pollinator Habitat Necklace
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Pollinator Habitat Necklace

These custom necklaces are gold plated and made here in Minnesota by a local jeweler. All proceeds go toward pollinator habitat on the farm. Last year we were able to plant several trees, shrubs and flowers thanks to all the pollinator necklace sold. Thank you for your support!

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