a woman-owned, woman-run boutique farm

Chemical-free food

When you think of organic food you probably think of food that is just food, no sprays or additional mystery chemicals that can hurt you or the earth. This is, unfortunately, not true. Organic farms tolerate a certain level of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, which we eat daily. This reality led me to biodynamics, a very holistic and pure way to farm. Since learning about biodynamics, I haven't farmed an other way. 

Biodynamics is a philosophy that comes from an Austrian philosopher, Rudoloh Steiner. It's a holistic approach to agriculture where all animals, plants and the solar system are thought of as an inter-related system that impact each other. I incorporate these elements into teas, tinctures and composts in every stage of the growing process. I do this to create healthy, living, nutrient-rich soil and a well balanced environment to allow the plants to harness everything they need to grow. The result of the produce is  high vitality, nutrient-dense food fee of chemicals; it's the organic your grandparents had. No quick-release or synthetics fertilizers, no herbicides, no pesticides; just food.

The biodynamic farmer thinks in terms of forces and processes whereas the organic or sustainable farmer think in terms of substances

Whether or to you care about where or how your food came to be, fresh and local food cannot be beat. Come taste the difference!

Heirlooms and Seed Saving

Heirlooms aren't just tomatoes! Any fruit or vegetable can be an heirloom. The difference between and heirloom and a regular (or hybrid) seed is the fact that it has been saved year after year and grows "true to type" each time. These seeds have been passed down through the generations and come with stories. I love collecting new seeds and trying them out. Besides the bright colored vegetables and diverse flavors that delight your senses, there are many great qualities heirlooms have to offer

  • they are more rich in flavor because they have been selected for flavor, not shipping.

  • they tend to be more nutrient dense because they weren't intensely bred for one of two specific characteristics.

  • they have more resistance to pests and diseases in our experience, which means abundance and higher yields.

True to the name, Heirloomista, I strictly grow heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers. Our seeds are saved each year from the plants we grow. Many of the varieties were acquired at seed swaps around Great Britain and the United States but some found us through farmers market, letters and new friends.