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The best day of the year

FarmKelsey ZaavedraComment

Well, I did it. I bought my farm.  


This year on my birthday I bought myself pretty much the best present of all time. It sure doesn't look anything like I envisioned it to be but it's mine. That's a pretty good feeling to have! No more renting land and wondering what next year will look like or being limited to space. This is a game changer. I feel so lucky to have snagged a piece of land in my favorite river valley.


I remember the day I saw it. The drive up consisted of winding roads lined with red barns, big oaks and lindens. The sky was blue and there was a warm breeze. As I pulled up to the property I was surpsingly drawn to it. (Surprising because it's surrounded by corn and beans=lifeless abyss) I turned off the car and got out only to be surrounded by the most beautiful silence. No traffic, no people, no machinery. I could hear myself breathe. I could hear myself think. Nothing but a chicken in the background and a field of goldenrod buzzing with life. This was IT. 


I was so sure of it despite being absolutely nothing like I'd looked at before. As I tried to call my agent to say "let's do it" I realized there was no cell phone service. I thought to myself, "how could it get any better-- no cell service! This is perfect!" So I texted instead. I always say that all the best places don't have cell service. At least this fit some of my criteria.. 


After putting in an offer and working with my bank for a bit, I was told we could have a quick closing and be done in just three weeks. Everything happened so easily and so quickly that I can't help but believe that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. Even though it's a blank slate, each time I'm up there working I can see everything just how it will be once summer is here. I can't wait to spend my first year on the land and see what it has to say for itself.