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Winter Solstice 2018

Kelsey Zaavedra

Another year gone by. Some people look a date on the calendar to acknowledge the end of the end of one year and beginning on another. I like to focus on the sun and all it does for us. The Solstice is either the longest or shortest day of the year and today I’m thinking of the shortest.

As farmers and gardeners we live by the weather. We dream for that perfect day that isn’t too sunny or hot, where the bugs don’t exist near you and you can just enjoy the day as you are surrounded by the earth’s bounty. Well, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.. There are many days where it’s raining buckets, the wind blows everything over, the clouds hang too low and for what feels like an eternity. Or if you live here in the Midwest, where the sun shines with intense humidity and you might become one with the clouds. I’ll take it, though!

As the sunlight increases in the spring we all come to life. We as farmers, gardeners, animals and plants. It fills us up and energizes us. I used to relate to the honeybee, a creature of the sun. However, as I think about it now, it’s not just the honeybee that has a special relationship to the sun. We all do.

With that thought I want to wish you a Happy Solstice. What will you let go of this year that no longer serves you? And what intention do you want to set for the coming year?