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Farmers Markets

Kelsey ZaavedraComment

This year I wanted to diversify my outlets as much as possible to see what works best for my farm. I did two farmers markets; Lindstrom and the Tiny Diner (in Minneapolis). This had me at market three times a week. In addition to the markets I sold to restaurants and was also a hub farmer for the North Circle Food Hub based out of the Women’s Environmental Institute.

I love being able to connect people to their food so markets have been a fun and satisfying experience for me. This year, especially, it was good to have these regular days to get off the farm and talk with other farmers and just people in general. You can see me having fun below at Tiny Diner and a little spread at Lindstrom below that.

Next year I won’t be doing as many markets because I want to work toward spending less time off the farm. I plan to keep one market for the social aspect but focus more on being a private farmer for families. The basic concept of this is 1-2 custom orders of produce a week per household and I deliver it to your doorstep. More on this later — probably over the winter months!