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Farm Store

Kelsey ZaavedraComment

Now that the slab is cured and waiting for something to happen I just had to get that farm store up! Next year this will be not just beautiful but full of goods for those of your who venture out for a visit can browse. My online farm store keeps me busy so having an actual store front will be so helpful so stay better organized. I can’t wait for my inventory to be all in one location! Here we are putting the huge panels together.

Once the walls were up and bolted to the foundation we were able to frame in the roof. When I say “we” I really mean Franc. He has been the keystone to all things infrastructural here at Heirloomista. I’m grateful for this because it allows me to focus on the crops. I may have dabbled a bit and helped him with the large pieces from time to time..


By the time spring harvest comes around in 2019 you will be able to stop by and check out the store. I cannot wait!