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A Slab in a Day

Kelsey Zaavedra


As you’ve noticed there’s a trend happening here on my posts.. I keep telling you I bought raw land and that all the infrastructure must be built. Well this is another big one that came up; I had a slab poured. I’m fortunate enough to have a friend in the business so he so kindly squeezed me into his schedule.

You may be wondering what a slab is or why I might want one. A slab is a concrete foundation to build something on. Homes here in Minnesota usually are built on a basement but I don’t need a basement here at the farm so a slab is the other option. I wanted a slab so I could create a space on the farm for people to gather: the farm store.

About 6 years ago I bought a farm store because I couldn’t see my farm without one. The problem was that I didn’t have a farm yet so it was stored in a friend’s barn (stacked in 8 huge panels) for that time. Now that I have my own farm I can invest in making my vision and actual visual for us all to see!

Below are some photos and short videos of the day. I must say it was terribly exciting to have that many people out at the farm working all at once. It was, hands-down, the most productive day on the farm yet.

The crew came with all their tools and equipment. You can see a skid-steer that came to level the area and make sure it was perfect. From there we had a load of class 5 delivered. This creates a foundation for the actual foundation. They then spread it out and made it perfect as well. Seen below.

Once everything was level and packed down, they framed the area where the slab was going to be poured and layed rebar down. The frame holds the area so the cement stays where you want it and the rebar acts as a reinforcement for the slab on top. With such an extreme climate we live in, the hot to cold can contract and expand the cement, which will break it. This helps keep it solid and safe. Photos of this are below.

And then there was a cement truck on the scene! It all happened very quickly and the guys did a great job of making this happen. Here is another short clip of them working..

Once the concrete was poured and smoothed over, they used a broom to make it perfect. Of course I had to write my name in the finished work and date it. The guys were not happy about this but I don’t care — it’s my slab! Ha!

Now with that complete it’s on to the next big thing: Getting the store up and building a propagation greenhouse. I plan on getting the store up by the end of the year but will have to wait on the greenhouse for next year. A reminder that each time you buy my produce, soaps, lip balms and Sun Hives, this money is funding projects like this! Thank you!