a woman-owned, woman-run boutique farm

House Manual

Please park in the open areas near shed on the right when you pull in. You'll see it's a large open area. Do not park past the wood pile. Past this you will see an easement to the neighbor's place that goes to the lake. This is our easement, nobody can park there.

We have 38 feet of lakeshore and our dock is just about in the middle of it. You will see that it's kept mowed and clear for your use, minus the cattails on the left. You are welcome to fish, boat or swim off the dock; whatever your heart desires! There is a public boat landing across the lake. Guests are responsible for bringing their own life vests! There is a (current registered) canoe and 2 kayaks you are welcome use; Please store it back under the deck as you found it. Oars are in the laundry room closet or with boats.

There is a volleyball net in the yard that is ready and waiting for you. The ball can be found in the laundry closet.

Grilling! We have a charcoal grill for your use. Lighter fluid is in laundry room closet along with grilling utensils. We provide you with a bag of charcoal but you are responsible for any extra. Please keep the grill on the ground where you will find it and not on the deck.

Fire ring. Please keep your fire inside the fire ring. There are skewers for roasting and are located in the laundry room closet. You are welcome to use wood from the large wood pile. There is a wagon for moving logs you are welcome to use. If it's been raining recently we will try to keep some dry wood for you in this. There is a bucket of water near the fire ring - please pour it over the fire at the end of the night. To refill it you can use the hose near the outdoor shower and sink.

Kitchen. We have most everything you might want or need. If you are concerned about something specific just ask before. There is a popcorn maker, waffle maker, mini blender, pots, pans, dishes, baking pans, bowls, et cetera. Please wash your dishes before you go. Kitchen towels are in second drawer down on the left. There is an overflow garbage on the deck for when your kitchen trash fills. You will see new bags in the bottom of bin once you take it out. We also give you the option to recycle and compost. Recycle bin is on deck and compost bin is near the trees as you look out the kitchen window. You are not obligated to use recycling or compost, only garbage ;) Extra paper bags to put recycling in are under the kitchen sink.

Bed and bath. We provide each guest with a towel for inside use. You are responsible for any beach towels. There is shampoo and conditioner for you as well as shower gel and lotion. The cabin has a septic system; This means nothing but toilet paper and your business goes down the toilet (no tampons).

Laundry. There is a washer and dryer. Please bring your own laundry soap.

Games. There are tons of games, books and movies for your enjoyment. We have outdoor games available for you that you'll see outside. There is also a small wooden box of outdoor games in the basement in the corner near sliding door.

If you didn't use a bed please leave it made so we know not to wash it. First aid kit is in bathroom and fire extinguisher is in the laundry closet.

There are 2 locked areas, please respect that. Also please do not go beyond the orange door in the basement. We hope you enjoy your time! Don't hesitate to contact me for any question during your stay, I'm just a text, call or 15 minutes away!

Aloha, Kelsey (651) 470-1722